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Friday, November 7, 2008

Chocolate and Health

Life is all about enjoying today as if there is no tomorrow. This may be the mindset of many of us here. For some others enjoying is a part and parcel of life. If you ask people that what is their measure of enjoyment, at least one of the answers will be concerning food. Food habits are one of the most integral parts of people's fun and excitement. Out of all the food items, chocolates rank first in terms of celebrations. Be it birthday or any party, chocolates form the important part of the culinary sector. Now as every one is concerned about the health, let us see how far chocolates affect the health. Is it positive or negative?

Surprisingly, chocolates give away lot of potential benefits to the ones who enjoy them. For instance, chocolates serve as an energy supplier. Chocolates are outstanding sources of catechins, which are polyphenols of the flavanol group. These catechins are potential sources to protect the human body against heart disease, cancer, and various other medical dis-eases. Pain is undesirable and our physique is designed in such a way that the brain releases endorphins that act as pain-relievers. It is pleasing to hear that chocolates facilitate the release of endorphins.

Some researches give some of the following benefits of chocolates on health. Chocolate has sugar in it and the sugar has a calming effect on the persons eating it. It reduces the stress and the pain as told already. The intake of chocolate minimizes the problems of skin like acne or skin eruptions. Also chocolates serve as good sources of reduction of the risk of heart disease and cancer. Chocolates make one feel hungry, but do not make them fat.

But all these researches were based on the cocoa that is present in the chocolates. But what we take in is not just the cocoa, but also the other less desirable products that helps the transformation of cocoa into chocolate. The less desirable include added sugar, corn syrup, milk fats, dairy cream, hydrogenated oils, etc. The critics' point applies very valid. If the cocoa in chocolate does any good, the sugar and the undesirable products spoil it and make them worse. For example, if cocoa is claimed to reduce the risk of acne, the sugar in chocolate increases it. Now people get smarter by telling there is compensation in chocolate. But diseases are smarter to enter; they enter through many other ways via chocolate.

The choice is ours. Healthy life style also means a problem free life with no confusions. Anything that crosses the limits turns out to be undesirable for the body. The balance depends on the consumer. Have health and enjoy everyday.

By Anbhu Selvan

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